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Trump’s attorney reveals the guidance she gave him regarding a plea deal in the case involving classified documents.

Former President Donald Trump waves to the crowd after making a speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, on June 10, 2023.

In the federal government’s confidential document lawsuit, a counsel for former president Donald Trump stated on Sunday that she advises against a plea offer.

“I know, I would never suggest that, especially since he hasn’t broken any laws. “Fox News Sunday” quoted Alina Habba as saying, “You take a plea agreement to make anything go away. “That amounts to a guilt admission. Never would he confess wrongdoing. Because bringing documents with you after they had been declassified was not wrong.

Any “indictment is a one-sided document,” Habba continued, “He has a defense—the defense is legitimate. He made use of the Presidential Records Act, which is exclusively in effect for him. This was lacking in Hillary Clinton. That was lacking in Biden. We’ll activate that defense as well.

Special Counsel Jack Smith said on Friday

From The Epoch Times

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