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Effects of a Carb-Free Diet on Your Body

Learn how a low-carb diet affects your body. Examine the results of decreasing your carb intake and any potential repercussions.

Fat burning is aided by the carb-free diet, which is popular among celebrities for quick weight loss. But it also has a number of unfavorable side effects.

Une-Pub will list 5 things that might happen to your body if you opt for a carb-free diet.

1. Dizziness

The body experiences stress when carbs are eliminated since it can no longer use glucose as an energy source. This may cause withdrawal symptoms such nauseousness, headaches, and agitation.

2. Sedentary lifestyle

Your body changes to burning fat for energy when you start a low-carb diet. However, because fat burns more slowly than glucose does, you could find that your energy levels during exercises and daily activities are lower.

3. Heart problems

According to a recent study, those who consume few carbohydrates are more likely to die young from heart disease. Low-carb diets are discouraged by medical professionals, who stress the value of healthy carbs in lowering inflammation and the danger of artery blockages.

4. Slow metabolism

A sudden carbohydrate restriction could cause temporary constipation, whereas carbs high in resistant starch, such oats, can boost metabolism and hasten weight reduction.

5. Muscle cramps

A diet low in carbohydrates may cause painful muscular contractions because there is a greater loss of electrolytes through urine. Muscle spasms may result from a lack of minerals necessary for cell communication.

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