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David Beckham Describes His Wife’s 25-Year Obsession with Food

Learn about David Beckham’s startling 25-year preoccupation with meals with Victoria Beckham. Find out more here.

Former English professional football player David Beckham recently revealed that his wife, Victoria, has been eating the same meal for an astounding 25 years. Beckham is also the president of Inter Miami CF and a co-owner of Salford City.

Beckham revealed that Victoria Beckham’s diet only consists of grilled fish, steamed veggies, and a great dislike of trying new foods during his participation on the River Café Table 4 Podcast.

“Food and wine make me pretty emotional, and when I eat something delicious, I want everyone to try it. I’m married to someone who, regrettably, has consumed the same food for the past 25 years. She has only ever eaten grilled fish and steamed veggies since I first met her, and she seldom ever varies from that,” he stated.

David Beckham claims that his wife only changed her customary diet when she was expecting their baby.

He admitted that he enjoyed staying in and experimenting with food in the comfort of his own house.

“Recently, I had to spend five days in isolation because I had just returned from Italy. On the last day, Victoria’s parents hosted a party, but I wasn’t able to attend it. So, everyone left the house, which I secretly enjoyed. I had two of the most incredible slices of beef. I had some English wagyu and one was a T-bone, the man replied.

David said, “I poured myself a glass of the most delicious red wine because I was alone and looked forward to watching the game in the afternoon by myself. So I fired up the grill.The best supper I’ve had in a while included the beef, a wonderful tomato and shallot salad, and a bottle of wine. My favorite afternoons and evenings have been those.

Victoria discussed her dislike of fatty cuisine and her preference for cooking dishes without butter or sauces during a podcast interview.

She remarked, “I’m definitely the worst nightmare for most eateries. I enjoy adding some balsamic vinegar, some cooked vegetables, and seasoning last. I prefer food prepared in the simplest possible manner. I don’t like sauces, butter, or oil. I sound even more uninteresting about food at this point.

The 48-year-old also stated her go-to comfort food, which is a straightforward slice of salted whole-grain toast.

“Salted whole grain toast is my favorite. It’s that comforting carb, and salt is one of my favorite flavors. Every year on my birthday, I have a slice of fruit cake and call it a day because I don’t enjoy fancier cakes, she continued.

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