15 Celebrities Who Own Insane Modified Hot Rods

In the world of hot rods, many of them have some sort of customization or modification other than just a speed boost. The owners of these fast vehicles usually want everyone to know what they’re looking at when they drive by.

In the world of celebrities, however, sometimes you stand out more for just looking normal. Driving a “Plain Jane” car through the sea of Bugattis and Porsches is sure to get you noticed. Add in a surprising amount of horsepower under the hood, and you’ll get people talking.

Below, you’ll read about celebrities who like to stand out, blend in, get their hands dirty, or create masterpieces. These celebrities do different things in their careers as well as their time off, but the one thing they all have in common is that they like to drive. Fast.

Whether they’ve opted for cool classics or wild attention seekers, here are 15 celebrities who love their badass, modified hot rods.

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